Where we give Flying Ferries!!

About us

CheapThrills 101 is an emotion, identity and expression of freedom and liberty.

In 2030, Cheap Thrillers is an exclusive club and community that chose to live through their digital life while farming their digital twins with utilities in the digital life and physical life. CheapThrills 101 is a virtual world that will blend digital life with the physical life of the gamer, namely the cheap thriller. The inception of CheapThrills 101 is a play-and-earn virtual world based in the parallel universe with an in-game token called “Flying Ferries” ($FF$).

Your digital value in a virtual world is all about the community & utility formed in and around that virtual world. The conceptual alpha drop is a unique collectible representing an entrepreneur's attempt to build a tiny community of the original cheap thrillers before going nuts with random NFT drops and over-the-top promises. A few NFTs were reserved for the conceptual team of thinkers, developers and advisors who commenced the adventure. Remaining NFTs are available for minting to onboard the "101" journey of a cheap thriller!

The holder of the original cheap thrillers alpha club will have exclusive access to the white-paper and a spot reserved for each future NFT drops with the progression of the project.

More information with a roadmap is available in a white paper to 20 Alpha NFT holders.